Mona Pirzad

Mona‘s sound playfully dives into both “depth“ and “lightness“ within the same journey. Coming from a wide-ranging artistic background, her taste is clearly influenced by the Berlin deep house scene she calls home, yet always carries the faraway footprint of her Persian roots and traveling mindset. She started out expressing her creative side through her beloved acting career, exploring the full range of human emotion and experience with full intensity. Then, two years ago, she started dedicating herself to musical expression and soon found herself sharing her favorite musical blends of mystic and euphoric tunes, in Berlin’s clubs and on European festivals. Recently Mona spent some time in the studio with her friend and mentor Elias Goldmund and looks forward to revealing the outcome very soon. AND one of her most favorite things to do, is coming together with her beloved partner in crime and colleague Moogli for their DJ-duo MoMo, as often as possible. Both on stage, and in the studio.
Artist picture