Ohdus took his first and ambitious steps on his journey towards the spirit of Berlin’s dance floors on classical piano and not so classical breakdance background. After starting to drop his favourite tunes in the middle of the concrete jungle he grew up in, he was always seeking for badass rhythms filled with deep and dark driven melody lines, getting ready to deliver them to the capital’s dance floors. Once arrived in Berlin, he was quickly offered the chance of a residency, which figured out as his field of experimenting with psychedelic sounds, dark ambiences, deep harmonies and beats with ass shaking attitude. In his productions he combines his feeling for forward movement, dark but touchy leads and the moments of unpredictable breakdowns. No matter if slowdown or melodic techno, his tracks are dance floor focused, keeping the heat of busy club nights to pick up listeners where they individually stand, in order to take them on a ride through his musical universe. Always up for the next floor catcher to serve in form of tracks and DJ sets, he now also plays a melodic live set as the next logical step of his musical development.
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