Music is more than music, it reflects our soul. The expression of Seeleâ has different meanings. Depending on how the emotions of the people or himself meet the actual moment, he can respond in different ways like mystical, atmospheric, dreamy and melodic to the people. To inspire atmosphere, he combines his inner emotional world with external influences. He combines spiritual depth with electronic music and creates a kind of space of dreaminess, with which he captures people and let them dance.Therefore, seeing Seeleâ behind the decks is a remarkable experience. In a magical way he enchants the dancing ones with his passion for sounds, creates his own world and sends his audience on the most beautiful journeys again and again. With Seeleâ’s hypnotic rhymes and energetic variety the listeners getting into a floating state. Seeleâ loves to play with melodies and atmospheres always combined with driving subliminal beats, which brings everyone to quake. He has been a producer and live act in the Berlin electronic scene since 2015.
Artist picture