Söriös / Q.rios

DJ | Producer | MIT DIR Festival from Berlin that is seriously working on his work-rave balance for over 13 years. Seeking events that serve all musical and visual wishes, Q.rios and a group of friends started to organize open airs in 2013. Sessions that mark the fundamental beginning of their FREITRAUM collective that was known for creative events and raves that were hosted in numerous venues in and outside of Berlin. Over the years, illegal parties developed into official events that set the stage to an own festival - the MIT DIR. Some of those years were spent as a DJ duo (Q.rios & Knopf). But after a six-year partnership of crime, they developed their own individual projects. Which is how Söriös came into existence. But without forgetting his old charm, Q.rios. One page, two projects: Söriös /’seer-ee-uhs/ [Mystic Tales | fernab | Meeronauten] / Dark Downtempo Dark, trippy and heavy Down Beat Electronic Music. With a close ear for detail, he enjoys playful journeys that absorb the audience with hypnotizing melodies and experimental sounds. Motivating after-hour fun with intense bass lines that make you bounce like a good punch in the face at +/- 110 bpm. Q.rios [Rebellion Der Träumer | Subios] / Minimal Deep Tech The minimalist, yet multi-faceted coexistence is recognised by its deep groove, which is more nimble and racy. Late at night, he pushes power reserves to their peak with playful +120 bpm and high quality frequencies. According to his mood, it can get wild and driving, sometimes classy and minimal.
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