Ezio Aguiar

When listening to Ezio Aguiar's sets, regardless of tempo or genre, one notices a certain mysticism mixed with different organic, melodic and progressive elements. The confident synergy with which he combines rhythm and harmony, charm and depth, dreaminess and magnificence is remarkable and unparalleled. In his home base, Berlin, Ezio has played in infamous clubs such as Sisyphos, Rummelsbucht, Anomalie Art Club or Mensch Meier. His unique sound signature has also reached festivals like Feel Festival, Lusatia Festival, Kiez Burn and more. His Brazilian roots might go unnoticed until the dancer in him expresses his wild self. His musical tales captivate and carry his listeners through a warm and ascending journey into their own wildness, lifting their souls with majestic beauty, yet grounding their bodies with prominent and pulsating bass.
Artist picture