zaharaa drekk

Zaharaa drekk found her passion in creating dj sets in 2019. During the pandemic she spent hours by hours creating sound journeys, perfectioning transitions and involving the drekk style. Her trademark sound can be described as dark and melodious - just drekk-ish. Being attracted by the driving melodies and striking basslines of Melodic and Progressive House, zaharaa feels home in techy midtempo sounds. In her dj sets she creates an intense and energetic atmosphere that is characterised by a homogenous and straight selection. The drekk style is strong and intense, dark but still positive and uplifting. Zaharaa has played her first gig at Lusatia Festival in 2021, followed by other gigs in Berlins club scene like Mensch Meier or Beate Uwe. In 2022 she got invited to other other Venues like Kater Blau, Bahnwärter Thiel in Munich, Fluc in Vienna or Kapitel in Bern.
Artist picture