diladï is a Berlin-based techno and downtempo dj. Whilst combining dreamy, hypnotic melodies with a driving beat, deep and dark basslines; creating tension is always part of her storytelling. No matter what set she is playing, she is always taking you on a roller coaster. Whilst growing up in the German capital of techno, this influence of music, rave culture and lifestyle shaped who she became until today. Having had a musical education since early childhood, she always dreamt about making the crowd dance and moreover creating electronic music at some point. Thus she started getting acquainted with DJ'ing and formed the collective "Krach vom Fach“ in 2020. Together with the "Krach vom Fach"-crew, underground raves came into being. Since then diladï has played in various clubs & bars, at festivals & raves, in Germany, Austria and Greece. At last, she found a new artist family within the Mystic Tales.
Artist picture