Elias Goldmund

Elias Goldmund has a strong passion for art and music. His name was inspired by the corresponding character in Hesse’s novel "Narziss und Goldmund". Having learned to play violoncello from age eight on formed the seed to a fundamental understanding of music. Later in his teens he started to experiment with music production programs and made some first DJ experiences. The colorful electronic music scene was like a magnet for him and he dedicated more and more time to it. In his late twenties he started to get professional with his music production and then managed to play a first completely self produced live-set at the beautiful “Sa Terza Metari” festival. Soon the first releases followed on well-known labels like “URSL” and “Rebellion der Träumer”. His productions are often carrying a message and are composed of diverse organic elements, combined with powerful basslines and some very classic Deep House melodies. In his DJ-Sets he aims to tell a story and loves to send the audience on a journey into the vast wonders of this reality we live in. Music is a way to communicate beyond words and can be the guide to deeper understanding of existence.
Artist picture