firgun is not just a name, it’s the vision of a more empathetic way of dealing with one another. It’s an attempt to dissolve the ego and unite in the love for music and the creation of safe spaces to explore and experience resonance. Whatever differences we have and regardless of what distinguishes us, when we come together on the dance floor and enjoy the music, embrace the company and let go of the chains of society, we can glimpse a possible future beyond competition and the pressure to perform. Musically firgun tries to create an atmosphere of belonging. An emotional melodic sound that picks the listener up from wherever they are at the moment and takes them on an introspective journey to nourish the sense of care and support for each other, that we all have in ourselves naturally, though we have been taught to suppress. Hence firgun’s sets usually start melancholic and develop over time into a joyful and optimistic closing that’s supposed to leave the listener charged with positive energy and more connected to the crowd and to themselves.
Artist picture